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Soft Wash Service

All Pro Washing use soft washing techniques and equipment to totally transform surfaces, from old and weathered, to shiny and new. Our effective system removes dirt and grime after just one wash.

We regularly turn up to jobs where clients have attempted to clean their patio or driveway using harsh chemicals and powerful pressure washers that have done more damage than good to their land and exterior. We know homeowners who have fallen from ladders trying to access roof tiles out of their reach with cheap garden pump sprayers from the local hardware store.

Don’t be fooled by coercive tv adverts.

Don’t replace your shingles because they’ve turned dark and dingy.

Let All Pro Washing professionals soft wash your property, without harm.

So what is soft washing?
All Pro Washing services offer the right approach, for the right surface.

Responsible methods
High powered jet pressure washers have their place, they remove excess oil and scum from tarmac and concrete, perfect for parking lots and driveways. For  offices and house exteriors, fences, and roof shingles, we prefer soft washing, a safer, but as effective method of removing micro organisms such as algae. It provides a gentler cleaning of more intricate areas, retaining detail, and protecting paintwork.

Universal solutions
Our soft wash method is practical for almost any material or surface, including stucco and vinyl siding, woodwork, brick, and sandstone. And with our biodegradable chemical solutions, you don’t need to worry about killing prized plants or pets!

Instant results
After we’ve inspected your land and offered a free no obligation quote, we can turn weathered commercial and residential areas, into desirable places to live and work, in no time at all. No more waiting around for products to take effect, we can preserve your structures instantly, using this expert soft washing technique.